Index of types

antialias [Cairo]
Specifies the type of antialiasing to do when rendering text or shapes.
any [Cairo.Pattern]
Cairo.Group.pop and Cairo.get_source retrieve patterns whose properties we do not know.

cluster [Cairo.Glyph]
The cluster record holds information about a single text cluster.
cluster_flags [Cairo.Glyph]
Specifies properties of a text cluster mapping.
content [Cairo]
This is used to describe the content that a surface will contain, whether color information, alpha information (translucence vs.
context [Cairo]
The cairo drawing context.

data32 [Cairo.Image]
Images represented as an array of 32 bytes (RGB or RGBA) values.
data8 [Cairo.Image]
Images represented as an array of 8 bytes values.

extend [Cairo.Pattern]
This is used to describe how pattern color/alpha will be determined for areas "outside" the pattern's natural area (for example, outside the surface bounds or outside the gradient geometry).

fill_rule [Cairo]
Used to select how paths are filled.
filter [Cairo.Pattern]
This is used to indicate what filtering should be applied when reading pixel values from patterns.
font_extents [Cairo]
The Cairo.font_extents structure stores metric information for a font.
font_type [Cairo]
Cairo.font_type is used to describe the type of a given font face or scaled font.
format [Cairo.Image]
This is used to identify the memory format of image data.

hint_metrics [Cairo]
Specifies whether to hint font metrics; hinting font metrics means quantizing them so that they are integer values in device space.
hint_style [Cairo]
Specifies the type of hinting to do on font outlines.

kind [Cairo.Surface]
This is used to describe the type of a given surface.

level [Cairo.PS]
Describe the language level of the PostScript Language Reference that a generated PostScript file will conform to.
line_cap [Cairo]
Specifies how to render the endpoints of the path when stroking.
line_join [Cairo]
Specifies how to render the junction of two lines when stroking.

matrix [Cairo]
Holds an affine transformation, such as a scale, rotation, shear, or a combination of those.

operator [Cairo]
Compositing operator for all cairo drawing operations.

path_data [Cairo]

rectangle [Cairo]
A data structure for holding a rectangle.

slant [Cairo]
Specifies variants of a font face based on their slant.
status [Cairo]
subpixel_order [Cairo]
The subpixel order specifies the order of color elements within each pixel on the display device when rendering with an antialiasing mode of ANTIALIAS_SUBPIXEL (see Cairo.antialias).

t [Cairo.Path]
t [Cairo.Pattern]
This is the paint with which cairo draws.
t [Cairo.Surface]
A Cairo.Surface.t represents an image, either as the destination of a drawing operation or as source when drawing onto another surface.
t [Cairo.Scaled_font]
A Cairo.Scaled_font.t is a font scaled to a particular size and device resolution.
t [Cairo.Font_face]
A Cairo.Font_face.t specifies all aspects of a font other than the size or font matrix (a font matrix is used to distort a font by sheering it or scaling it unequally in the two directions).
t [Cairo.Font_options]
An opaque type holding all options that are used when rendering fonts.
t [Cairo.Glyph]
The Glyph.t structure holds information about a single glyph when drawing or measuring text.
t [Cairo.Matrix]
text_extents [Cairo]
The Cairo.text_extents structure stores the extents of a single glyph or a string of glyphs in user-space coordinates.

version [Cairo.SVG]
The version number of the SVG specification that a generated SVG file will conform to.

weight [Cairo]
Specifies variants of a font face based on their weight.